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Wipeout Wall 1

by Avantis Education UK
This resource is only available as part of a pack


Foundation, KS1, KS2

Application ( 16MB )



NB Part of the Primary Games Premium Pack. Smashing App for practising Addition and Subtraction!
The object of Wipeout Wall is to break down the wall in the quickest time by correctly knocking out the bricks displaying the answer to the addition/subtraction problem.
Wipeout Wall (Addition & Subtraction) at a glance:
*covers addition and subtraction skills for Ages 4 - Adult.
*addition category contains 11 levels of difficult, ranging from addition to 5 to addition to 1000.
* subtraction category contain 4 levels; Units - Units, Tens and Units - Units, Tens and Units - Tens and Units, Hundreds, Tens and Units - Tens and Units.
*best times are saved for every level.
*there's no rubble to clear up after the wall has been destroyed!