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PLEASE NOTE: From June 2017, Q-files is now a subscription-only site.

Q-files is an online encyclopaedia designed specifically for children. It’s comprehensive, in-depth, expert-verified — and brimming with facts, diagrams and videos. (And it covers a wide range of subjects that are not necessarily part of the school curriculum: space, dinosaurs, pirates, castles, world religions, endangered animals, etc.) So Q-files supports classwork and homework exactly in the same way that a good library does. It’s the place to find out more.

But Q-files is also a massive and versatile educational resource in its own right. A school subscription gives all students access to the site both in the class and at home, meaning that teachers can make full use of the site. Pitched at Key Stage 2 and 3 in the UK and Grades 3–8 in the US, with appropriate reading level.