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Kids Planet

by UpUp Kids

Under 5, 5 - 7

Application ( 10MB )



Kids Learn Planets ( Kids Solar System ) is an interactive app which makes learning easy, simple and fun which helps kids learn faster.
Kids Learn Planets is an interactive educational game through which your child can develop hand-eye coordination and observation skills.
Observation Skills are developed by paying close attention to many details, focus, analysing, reasoning and memory. Kids Learn Planets helps your child to do all these.

Features of the game:
It enables your child to identify different things related to Planets & their pronunciation.
It will also help develop your child’s hand-eye coordination & observation skills.
It will help in improvement of your child’s memory.

Kids Learn Planets has 5 games in it:
1. Learn Kids Planets ( Kids Solar System )
2. Kids Planets - Kids Memory Match
3. Kids Planets – Kids Puzzle ( Kids Solar System )
4. Kids Planets – Kids Words Scramble
5. Kids Planets - Picture Quiz ( Kids Solar System )


Quiz, Planets, Universe