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Math Wizard

by Avantis US LearnPad


11 - 14, 14 - 16

Application ( 10MB )



A great learning game for elementary school level kids learning math facts.

A fantastic learning game for kids. A great learning tool for elementary school level math facts. Try this Lite version of the MathWizard for free. Fun, silly, audio feedback to answers.
Numbers are limited in this version. Try the MathWizard to open up the range of numbers (instead of being limited to 3, the MathWizard goes up through 12).

Sharpen your child's Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division skills with flash card style questions. Fun sounds keep the task of learning math facts fresh for children. Speed statistics are captured and can be viewed to measure progress. Preference controls can be used to limit the questions to what you need to focus on. Want just subtraction, you can set it up to ask only subtraction questions. Preparing for a multiplication test on 7's, you can set that up as well. Having problems with 9x6 specifically, a test pattern is used to focus on that specific question. Want to just be tested on question you've missed, set it up for that. Multiple user support saves per-user preferences and statistics. Easter Eggs are hidden in the game as a fun surprise or a challenge to those up to the task.