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ChooseIt! Literacy

by Avantis Education UK
This resource is only available as part of a pack


Each activity has a graded sequence of 20 to 40 simply presented multiple-choice questions, which are structured using a positive reinforcement strategy. The Literacy Series was shortlisted for the BETT Award for SEN Solutions. Here is what the judges said:

Progress is easy to see and well paced.
Feedback is clear and informative.
It has clear links to the literacy curriculum.
The pupil screens are clear and uncluttered.
The ability to configure was good and easy.
The consistency of the program means that students can use it independently.
It would complement other activities in the classroom and would fit into a planned programme.
It represents great value for the classroom environment, it’s user-friendly for the child, and could be used independently. It has clear learning intentions that build progress.