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Promethean ActivEngage2

by Avantis US LearnPad

Application ( 10MB )



Promethean ActivEngage2 sets the standard in assessment software for tablets, smartphones, mobile devices and traditional computers. It is ideally suited for schools and districts considering or implementing tablet, 1:1 computing and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiatives and is a foundational component of a fully integrated education solution that seamlessly connects assessment to instruction.
Considering a tablet initiative for your classroom, school or district? Promethean ActivEngage2 is an ideal solution to help increase student engagement, facilitate collaborative and personalized learning, and improve student outcomes.

Seamlessly connect assessment to instruction. As part of a family of education solutions, Promethean ActivEngage2 provides the foundation to transform how teachers teach and how learners learn.

Encourages Communication and Collaboration
Encourages students to engage, interact and contribute to lessons, creating collaborative discussions and lively debate.
Reduces Costs
Leverages previous investments in technology by transforming any supported mobile device or computer into a Learner Response System.
Saves Time
Reduces time spent on administrative tasks, allowing more time for student instruction. Reduces or eliminates the need to grade and record paper-based assessments.
Enables Personalized Learning
With real-time feedback, instructors can track individuals’ progress and develop customized learning plans tailored for each learner.
Centrally Controlled and Scalable
Delivers virtual voting capability within a single classroom, across an entire campus, and beyond. Promethean ActivEngage2 may be managed at a classroom level or centrally on a networked server.
Connects Assessment to Instruction
Supports true formative assessment by enabling teachers to continuously gauge classroom comprehension and adjust instruction throughout the lesson to ensure understanding of key concepts
Supports a Wide Range of Response Types
Multiple Choice, True/False, Yes/No, Sort in Order, Likert Scales, Numeric and Text Entry. The Self-Paced Learning feature also allows teachers to assign questions of varying difficulty and gives students the opportunity to answer at their own pace, with the questions and answers visible in the same client interface.

User Input - Users can respond using touch input or with any supported input accessory (keyboard, etc.)
Network – Runs on a standard TCP/IP network. Wi-Fi access required for mobile devices.

Promethean ActivEngage2 requires the new ActivEngage2 Server as well as ActivInspire v1.7a or higher and ActivDriver 5.9.16 or higher. Promethean ActivEngage2 is not compatible with previous versions of ActivEngage Server (20.x) or ActivEngage Clients (1.x). However, both versions can coexist side-by-side on a deployment.