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bodyxq heart

by Avantis US LearnPad


Body XQ
BodyXQ – body excursion – is the world's first interactive education program that enables you to travel inside the organs of the body and explore their functions.

Taking a ride through a coronary artery and understanding for the first time why people get heart attacks but not "nose attacks" or "ear attacks".
With BodyXQ you can.
Interactively opening a pumping heart with your own fingers, just like a surgeon, and your computer being the scalpel that opens it for you – all in the comfort of your own home.
With BodyXQ you can.
Exploring the billions of cells that make up the heart and the arteries, like a scientist, and your computer being the microscope that allows you to see every miniature detail – in the class room.
With BodyXQ you can.
Interactively studying the effects of micronutrients – such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements – on the performance of cells and learning how cellular function determines our health and the development of disease.
With BodyXQ you can.
Improving your own health with this knowledge – and helping your family and friends to do the same by introducing them to this website.
With BodyXQ you can.


Anatomy, Cardiovascular