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Easy Driving Test

by Avantis US LearnPad

Application ( 10MB )



application in Spanish
Your driving school free to your Android phone!
The difference with other applications of the same type is that we have the last test review and update constantly, look at the updates and pictures of the test!
You'll find official test examination of DGT (DGT).
Is the free version, you test the B permit - permits A1-A2-A Motorcycles, Scooters and permission permission AM BTP priority vehicles and taxis.
There are questions of the new tests that makes traffic to computer and paper tests that are still made in many cities.
These questions are taken from reviews of the DGT as we are a real driving school where our students when they return to the consideration we copied the questions that have come out, we were spent to clean and here is the official test.
We have 5 test applications:
B Permit - Permit A1-A2-A - Permit AM - Permit BTP
and the newest autoescuelaFacil difficult questions with more questions failed and explanation of each question.