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Math Duel: 2 Player Math Game

by GoodSoundsApps


7 - 11, 11 - 14, 14 - 16

Application ( 10MB )



Math Duel: 2 Player Math Game is one of those fun educational games where two players challenge each other. Cool game for kids and adults is here!

+ Split screen interface makes this brain game a 2-player reactor
– Basic math workout means this is mathematics for kids at 7 years and above
x Math speed training improves math skills, reflexes and concentration
÷ Educational game for teens that is at the same time a fun game for free

Test your math skills in a race against your friends! The screen is split in two thus very convenient for the duel games. This is a concentration game that stirs your brain in a positive way. Multiplayer games are in right now, and this is the best game to play with friends.