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Help Your child to learn quickly add,subtract,multiply,divide,compare fractions

This is a Educational Math game for your kids and why not maybe for everyone(you can improve your math calculations speed). Playing this game your kids definitely could calculate faster.

This Kids educational game is good because.
#1)The questions are generated dynamically, so you will get new questions each time you play the game.

In this game you will find 8 levels for each math operations
+,-,/,*,finding the greatest number, finding the smallest number and fractions comparison.
#2)There are 8 Levels in 'All operations" mode where math operations are mixed and it is getting harder to play when you pass level 4 as in level 5 you will meet fractions comparison.
#3)Preferred installation place is SD card .move to SD supported.
#4)Scoring system for top 10 players.
#5)This game has very nice graphics designed for your kids.
Your task is to pass all 8 levels of the game within a certain time.During each level you have to answer to 10 math questions(addition,subtraction,multiplication,division,fractions,finding greatest and smallest numbers e.t.c).At the beginning you have 30 seconds. Each correct answer gives you
additional 4 seconds,and each incorrect answer reduces your time by 6 seconds.So be careful with your answers and have a fun.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This game dose not use any Notification Bar Ads.In all our kids games , we have turned off Gambling ,Politics,Religion and Age Appropriate Ads.