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Foundation (& KS1) Maths

by Read Write Phonics
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Foundation, KS1

Under 5, 5 - 7

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Foundation Maths supports the UK School Curriculum Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. Suitable for children aged 3 to 6 and voiced with a lovely soft English accent giving positive verbal encouragement throughout.
Foundation Maths includes 500 maths questions across 4 skill levels in 8 topic areas
- Sums can be read out loud with a tap of the speaker button
- Help in each section is given with a tap of the help button
Eight Topic Areas to Learn:
- Learn the Numbers: learn the operator symbols and the numbers 1 to 30 with fruit to count
- Learn to Count: Random fruit are shown and the child counts and picks the right number
- Number Patterns: Children find the missing number in a sequence of 5 numbers
- Write the Numbers: Learn to correctly form the numbers 1 - 9 by tracing dotted number forms
- Addition: Learn to add two numbers together
- Subtraction: Children learn to take one number from another
- Multiplication: One number multiplied by another
- Division: One number divided by another
Four Levels to Progress Through:
- Beginner: Simple questions with answers up to 10 and illustrations to help young children
- Intermediate: Questions with answers up to 20
- Advanced: Questions with answers up to 30
- Genius: Algebra questions, the answer is given and the child finds the missing part of the question.


Counting, Addition, Patterns, Numeracy, Pattern, Subtraction, Writing, Multiplication, Division