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Letter-join is a web site designed to make the teaching and learning of cursive handwriting fun and easy. The web site contains animations, interactive and touch screen activities, and plenty of real handwriting worksheets. It is suitable to use with IWBs and LearnPads and will help pupils to reach the handwriting standards as specified in the 2014 National Curriculum.

The school subscription includes:
• Use on PCs, interactive whiteboards and LearnPad
• Alternative letterforms for f, k, w, x and z
• Worksheet generator for tracing and copying of spelling lists and sentence sheets
• Letter-join fonts for using in MS Word
• A Handwriting Policy document that can be edited to suit your school.

There are also a huge number of ready-made worksheets for all key stages to practice cursive handwriting and printed letters.

Key Stage Resources:
Foundation resources include animated pre-cursive patterns with practice screens and worksheets as well as a ‘virtual sand tray’ for practising letters at a large scale.

KS1 pupils will learn to write using continuous cursive handwriting by watching and practising all of the joins on screen and by using worksheets.

KS2 pupils will prepare for secondary school by using the dictation exercises to help them gain confidence with ‘speedy’ writing and will learn the correct way to fill in forms and label diagrams.

Cost structure:
There is an initial £100 registration fee that is only payable for the first year and there is a sliding scale for the cost per classroom per annum, from £35 per class for 1 to 3 classes to £17.50 per class for 16+ classes. There is also an extra option that allows pupils and their parents to use Letter-join at home on their PCs and tablets. Please check the costs for your school by using our Cost Calculater here: letterjoin.co.uk/buy.html