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FREE online phonics games that work brilliantly when played as a whole class on the interactive whiteboard!

3 different ways to play:

1) Learn a sound:

Learn each of the 44 phonics sounds and their alternate spelling combinations through a series of 7 fun games.

2) Play by game:

Does your class like a particular game? Simply choose a game and the sound you would like to practice.
1. Find the sound game
2. Phonics hangman
3. Make a word game
4. Picture matching (easy)
5. Picture matching (hard)
6. Sound buttoning
7. Alien words game

3) Student login (account needed)

Let your students save their progress by creating a free school account online. Track your students progress to quickly spot gaps in knowledge and see which sounds your students need to work on the most.

Create your free school account at https://www.readwithphonics.com/phonics-schools.