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Taking notes has never been so easy!

Smartynote is a notepad app with multiple features to make it easy for you to take daily notes. From regular students to the people struggling with reading and writing difficulty like dyslexia, Smartynote is for everyone. This notepad is equipped with powerful functions that allows you to take notes faster and access them whenever you need in a single tap.

Let's dig deeper to see what exactly is possible with this notepad:

1. Image-to-text : Smartynote allows you to either take a picture from your camera or choose an image from your smartphone gallery, which then extracts the text from it to save it to your notepad directly. Smartynote uses google vision api to recognize text in an image, which is still improving its intelligence.

2. Voice recognition : This notepad has the ability to recognize your voice and extract text from it to automatically save it to your note. This is a perfect for those who don't want to write down the words, but instead want the notepad to do it for them.

3. Text-to-speech : This function is found to be very useful for the people having difficulty manipulating words as in dyslexia. In just a tap, a voice will dictate the text already written in the notepad. You may need to download language packages from google if you want your native language; as for now, this notepad only supports English language.

4. Customization : Smartynote enables you to choose font, font size, font color and background color according to your preference. The color and the fonts that are made available in the app are handpicked according to the utmost assistance to the kids and adults with dyslexia.