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Know Your Math Facts Free

by Math Munchkie


Under 5, 5 - 7

Application ( 10MB )



Know Your Math Facts Free is an educational app to help children memorize addition and subtraction math facts. Two proven teaching strategies are used to help children memorize and quickly recall math facts to aide in preparation for timed tests at school.

A math triangle and fact families are used to help children understand the relationship between addition and subtraction and enable children to learn multiple related facts at once making recall easier and quicker.

In this fun game, children solve math facts by dragging a number into the corner of a hand-drawn math triangle. Each level has a fun, colorful theme that will keep children engaged. There is also a timed test component which allows children to test their knowledge. A summary page is also provided with the time spent and facts to study.

This educational tool was created by a first grade teacher and is designed for kindergarten, first, and second grade students. It is aligned with the Common Core State Standards and targets one of the four critical areas in mathematics.

*** In this application, you will get three levels for free and limited random mode options. ***