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Vikings (Explorable Scene)

by Avantis Lesson Plans
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In this Explorable Scene students can experience the arrival of three impressive Viking longships on the shores of Britain.
The Vikings were people from an area known today as Scandinavia, and in Europe the Viking Age was the period from
around the year 800 until around 1100. Vikings were excellent seafarers, exploring and trading by sea, and travelling as
far north as Greenland, and south as the Mediterranean, with some evidence they reached the shores of North America
to the west. They were also formidable warriors, raiding new lands for valuable items, and settling and building new
communities in new countries.

This supporting document provides three focus points, which teachers may want to use to scaffold and guide their students through this experience. The second page outlines how teachers can use this explorable scene in history, science, art & design and religious education.